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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Ozone launches the Zeno, high EN-D paraglider

Halfway between a Mantra M6 and an Enzo 2, the Zeno is a totally new design with a profile inherited from the research program of the Enzo 3, with only 2 risers, aspect ratio of 6.9 and 78 cells....

Niviuk released new EN B glider Hook 5

The new progression paraglider from Niviuk comes with the “highest performance in its class” according to the manufacturer, along with maximum accessibility and safety.

First contact with new paraglider Iota 2 from Advance

The Swiss company privately presented their high EN model Iota 2 to a small group of pilots and media members in mid-November. The new glider outperforms its predecessor in all aspects, according to the Advance design team, with significant...

ITV announced the Piper, new paramotor wing to be released in January

Over a year after he took over the French company ITV, Mika Reigner seems happy with the response of the market to their new gliders and looking forward to releasing their new proposals for 2019: a dedicated paramotor wing,...
Gin Seok 40 años

Gin Seok: 40 years in free flight

To celebrate 4 decades in the free flight world, the designer and founder of Gin Gliders launched a special edition of the Genie Race 4 harness in bright red colour, which attracted the looks at the Coupe Icare 2018...

ITV presents new EN A paraglider Boxer 2

A modern design that benefits from laser cut (ILT), 3D shaping, and leading edge with rods (IRS), among other features, the Boxer 2 is an ideal glider for the first flights, but also to progress from local flights to...

UP presents new EN B glider Kibo 2

UP presents the Kibo 2 as a calmer and easier to fly paraglider than its predecessor thanks to a set of improvements for increased passive safety and feedback. Their new B hybrid three liner promises a high level of comfort and reliability combined with a decent performance and a more agile handling.

Gin Leopard: New EN D 2-liner

The wait is over. Gin presents the Leopard, a wing produced for the experienced XC pilot community and those seeking to progress toward the most competitive paragliders of the market.

UP launched EN C paraglider Trango X-Race

The new performance Hike&Fly, XC- and Sports Class wing is based on UP’s popular Trango XC3, with a number of significant improvements, including a completely redesigned riser system with toggles for rear-riser pitch control. https://vimeo.com/196696547 At UP explain that the new...

First contact with paraglider Sol Sycross One

The wind was too strong for a test flight with the Sol Sycross One, however, we managed to do a good photo session at the paramotor field. There, the wind was manageable and allowed us to test inflations and...