Test: Kitto, the new ultralight pod harness by Apco.

We tested in flight this harness that competes within the ultra-lightweight pod segment. Conceived for cross-country and H&F adventures, the Kitto has a very competitive price. In this video report, we show you the harness in detail, its performance, features, aerodynamics and geometry, from every angle.


¨This is a super robust harness that´s well balanced and simple to fly¨, starts saying Daniel in this product video report of the Kitto that he made in Tenerife, ¨…a product that offers a simple design that´s very well finished¨, he concludes. We see Daniel using the quick access system of the Kitto attached to his foot, he takes of off and slides effortlessly into the chair. Already in flight, he carries on saying, ¨It has a good command and feels very comfortable in flight, though in the hanger it didn´t feel like it would. It´s great!¨, he shares.

¨This harness has a plain, simple construction that´s quite smart. The parachute compartment comes with a zipper for the extraction. The cockpit has a very good visibility. It´s great¨. We also see the regulation system in flight, ¨…in general everything is regulated with knots in the straps, the materials are quite robust, it feels like it will be very durable. And it has a price that I find to be very competitive for this segment¨. Then, Daniel steps on the speed bar and heads toward the landing site, prior to his approximation we see him removing the access facilitator from his foot.

After a couple of landings at an improvised target, Daniel concludes his video report for Ojovolador of the new Kitto by Apco.

The harness comes in two sizes: S/M -up to 185 kg- with a final weight of 2.710 kg. And L/XL -180 to 205 kg – with a final weigh of 2.840 kg.

+info: https://www.apcoaviation.com/kitto/

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