Diamond Evo

Announced as the best alternative for pilots who want to get started in tandem flights as well as a great option for heavy pilots, the new Diamond paratrike in its latest Evo version is a new light and compact unit which provides a very stable and comfortable flight since the weights are very well grouped, explains the brand. It comes to replace other models of similar use like the Raptor, Super Raptor and Mustang Light.

Airfer’s new Diamond Evo version includes important advantages that make it a versatile and highly functional paratrike thanks to a folding frame that requires no tools to dismount -frame ring or upper bars- by simply removing the push pins and folding the frame -engine and harness- for much easier transport. The new design with rounded curved upper bars make it more spacious and comfortable than the previous Diamond, and it also has a new tensioned lines system in the protection ring of the propeller. The new Diamond Evo is said to provide more thrust thanks to a larger propeller ring and larger propeller diameter.
The trike can be ordered without an engine as well, since it is suitable for most paramotor models in the market, say at Airfer.

The latest version of Aifer’s Explorer paramotor frame, the Explorer 3, includes the following novelties with respect to their earlier 2 model. The most important development in terms of transport is that the new model is 5-parts detachable (ring: 4 parts + engine cage) which means that it takes less room when dismounted. Also, the ring parts are smaller than they were in the Explorer 2. The brand guaranteed the traditional strength and resistance of the previous version by producing the ring in 16mm tube. They also redesigned the propeller ring protection with tensioned lines instead of the traditional netting system. The paramotor comes in three material options: Stainless steel, Titanium, and Mixed (engine & cage in stainless steel and propeller ring in titanium). The Explorer 3 together with Moster 185 Plus MY’20 is one of the best sellers of Airfer’s paramotors range, recommended for foot launch covering almost any pilot weight range, up to 110 kg.

+info: http://www.airfer.com

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