Testing the harness Impress 4 by Advance.

Ojovolador presents the video review of the cocoon harness Impress 4, made by the Swiss manufacturer Advance. We go through all its construction details and functionalities on the ground and fly it to share the impressions.


Paragliding harnesses have evolved considerably over the last years and if you happen to be looking for a new one, it´s worth knowing the Impress 4. We show you the full spectrum of functionalities, adjustments and options of the harness, after six months of flying it with wings of different categories: “what´s good, what´s great, and why not, what could be improved” of this light cocoon harness by Advance.

Seat, back, positions, speed bar, fasteners, pockets, windshield, parachutes, adjustments, cockpit and more. In this thorough video report in Spanish for Ojovolador by Daniel Crespo, we invite you to discover all you should know about the Impress 4.

+Info: https://www.advance.swiss/produkte/gurtzeuge/impress-4

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