First contact with tandem glider Maya Nomad 3

This is the product test video made by Daniel Crespo for Ojovolador, of the Nomad 3 tandem paraglider, made by the Turkish manufacturer Maya.


In this video report, the first thing Daniel Crespo points out about the Nomad 3 is the brakes that “are very comfortable to use”. Then the trimmer system, which he finds “very original and functional”. This trimmer system is an original Maya design, they are exclusive to the brand and are very easy to use. When the trimmers are locked he says, “the wing has a 5 to 6 km speed gain, positioning the Nomad 3 at a par with the rest of the referent tandem gliders available in the market, in terms of glide and performance”.

*This quick review is done in Spanish, but you can activate the subtitles on the video and choose “translate” into your language on the settings (automatic translation).

According to our test pilot “this wing has a good behavior”, as he confirmed after a series of wingovers. Once on the ground next to the happy passenger, he adds “I’m surprised with the performance this glider is showing. The turn when thermalling works well. It’s a flat turn. We’ll see how it behaves in different conditions… but it has speed, it has a good performance, and good penetration, so I’m surprised!”

Regarding the construction of this LTF EN/B glider, Maya used the light Dominico D 20 in the lower section and the rugged D 30 for the upper section of the canopy, together with Elderid and Liros Aramid and Dynema lines and plastic bars in the nose to ensure perfect tension and many years of professional and leisure use.  The Nomad 3 also comes with a lock system for big ears, and it is available in two sizes, 38 (115 to 200 kg wing load) and 42 (130 to 220 kg wing load). With 5.21 and 5.34 points of aspect ratio, respectively, and 52 cells, the smaller Nomad 3 weighs only 6.8 kg and the large one, 7.2 kg.

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