Video: Training accuracy with the Magic by BGD

We test-tried BGD's high-end EN A paraglider Magic, both as an entry-level wing as well as for its alternative use as specific for accuracy comp. We did a couple of test flights with it in Tenerife, Spain, and then went to compete in the Spanish Accuracy Championship at Alforja, where we completed our impressions of the Magic for this modality in this video report. *


*This video is in Spanish, but you can activate the subtitles on the video and choose “translate” into your language on the settings (automatic translation).

In this video, Daniel Crespo test tries BGD’s Magic for Ojovolador, prior to competing at the Spanish Accuracy Championship in Alforja in 2020. Together we discover the behaviour of the Magic for this particular mission, learn how to best extract all of the wing’s potential to land on the target, and go through general tips and advice to improve the accuracy. A video that starts as a product test that then gets fully into the actual competition in this young modality of flight.

The Magic is the “advanced” initiation model of the Austrian maker, a Bruce Goldsmith design oriented to making progress with safety from the school to the first XC adventures, to everything else. A wing that is also great for accuracy competition, where performance is a non-issue, in favor of maneuverability and tolerance to the slowest possible speeds, so as to best adjust the final glide to land precisely in the exact center of the target, as we can appreciate in this video.


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