Saturday, July 20, 2019
Nuestros patrocinadores.

Gin news: Update of Explorer paraglider, and new accessories

The Korean firm presents a modification in its light EN-C XC wing, and they show us practical gear to make communication and transport easier.

Why you should never wet your reserve, unless it is made of special fabric

- Is there an issue with reserve parachutes that get wet? Yes – however not on every reserve. But there is definitely a big issue with certain fabrics and also lines. As a...

Sakana region, in the North of Spain, celebrated its Paragliding Day 2019

The traditional Navarran paragliding meeting attracted many pilots, that, thanks to the good weather, could enjoy good flights, both in the morning and the afternoon, and the usual good atmosphere.

A Colorful 20th anniversary of FIA El Yelmo festival in Spain

Twenty years is a long time and in the heat of this special anniversary, the organization of El Yelmo's International Air Festival (FIA) made a big effort for this year's intense edition that was visited by over...

XXV edition of El Hierro International paragliding meeting.

Between the 28th of May and the 2nd of June around 120 paragliding pilots and their companions got together one more year in El Hierro, to enjoy the island, its sky, and everything the Club Guelillas had prepared for such an especial edition.

Nova presents EN B paraglider Mentor 6 Light

Nova presents the Mentor 6 Light. This lightweight version of their popular paraglider Mentor 6 comes with the same EN B certification. Nova´s new all-rounder wing was specially conceived to hike and fly as well as to appeal regular and more experienced pilots who wish to minimize the final size and weight of their equipment without compromising the performance and passive safety of the category.

BGD introduces the Magic, a high EN A glider to learn and progress on

Bruce Goldsmith has designed a safe and easy to handle wing, which will allow new pilots to enjoy and improve, safely and with confidence, beyond school flights. It is introduced as a One Glider, to learn and progress.

Gin Leopard: New EN D 2-liner

The wait is over. Gin presents the Leopard, a wing produced for the experienced XC pilot community and those seeking to progress toward the most competitive paragliders of the market.

Q-Light, new lightweight version of the 777 EN-C wing.

The Slovenian firm goes on with its wish to make hike&and fly easier, without compromising performance. Same safety and quality, with less weight.

BGD PUNK, EN B paraglider review

With a remarkably agile and precise command, Bruce Goldsmith's new high EN B design is a wing with a great personality, ideal for freestyle and thermalling, as we confirmed in our test flights.