Monday, May 27, 2019
Nuestros patrocinadores.

Q-Light, new lightweight version of the 777 EN-C wing.

The Slovenian firm goes on with its wish to make hike&and fly easier, without compromising performance. Same safety and quality, with less weight.

BGD PUNK, EN B paraglider review

With a remarkably agile and precise command, Bruce Goldsmith's new high EN B design is a wing with a great personality, ideal for freestyle and thermalling, as we confirmed in our test flights.

Niviuk Icepeak Evox: Faster, easier to handle CCC, with better performance

The new version of this competition glider evolves thanks to the technological improvements it introduces, and it promises to be more versatile and competitive, due to its new design.

Mac Para launches the Eden 7 with +6 aspect ratio.

The Eden 7 is a top sports category paraglider that promises great XC potential. The glider was designed as a partially lightweight model with the glide ratio significantly targeted to the top of EN B category, which proposes a high level of stability and passive safety throughout the speed range.

Triple Seven Queen 2 – A High Level Sport EN C wing

After a year in the market, the Sport class paraglider aimed at experienced pilots from the Valic bros. brand, the Queen 2, has gained recognition among the flying community -in particular within the Sport segment- thanks to its attractive...

UP presents new EN B glider Kibo 2

UP presents the Kibo 2 as a calmer and easier to fly paraglider than its predecessor thanks to a set of improvements for increased passive safety and feedback. Their new B hybrid three liner promises a high level of comfort and reliability combined with a decent performance and a more agile handling.

Liga Norte Parapente in Spain, 21st edition about to start

On the weekend of the 13th and 14th of April the 2019 edition of the regional League of Northern Spain will start, attracting all kinds of pilots with rounds designed to be enjoyed, in many different areas.
Super final 2018. Photo: Yassen Savov

Pierre Remy and Meryl Delferriere are the PWC champions 2018

Pierre Remy did not hesitate to qualify this championship, held on March 20 to 30 of March 2019 and where 9 tasks were flown in conditions that went from poor to amazing, as "the most intense of...

Safety warning: Quick-Out carabiners.

Finsterwalder-Charly publishes a warning about their quick release Quick-Out carabiners. Some units have have been produced with faults.

Paraglider 777 K-light: less weight, same performance.

The Slovenian manufacturer 777 introduces the lightweight sister of its EN-B wing, the Knight, promising the same characteristics, with a much lighter and more compact packaging. It features the new Triple Seven Lightweight Risers.