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Record-breaking X-Alps ended after 13 days with Chrigel Maurer champion for the 8th consecutive...

The world’s toughest adventure race has come to an end with the clock officially stopped at 11:30am on Friday June 23, just a few hours after Japanese athlete Emoto Yuji became the 23rd athlete to make goal. It’s been a historic and record-breaking edition of the Red Bull X-Alps, with Chrigel Maurer champion for the 8th consecutive time.
Paragliding Worlds. Photo: Jean Mi Ara / Facebook

Maxime Pinot leads France to victory at Paragliding Worlds

The 18th FAI World Paragliding XC Championships had 9 valid tasks flown in different conditions in the Alps, from Chamoux sur Gelon. In total 647 km were flown, and 2 tasks were stopped due to rain but scored as...
FIA el Yelmo 2022

6 reasons for visiting FIA El Yelmo 2023.

It is the most important and fun paragliding event in Spain. There are many good reasons to attend this year, but here we pick the 6 best ones.

Learn Paragliding accuracy with the Spanish Team at the European FAI 1 comp in...

In this video you will see the different phases and techniques used by the best pilots in the world to land in an inch.

Test: Kitto, the new ultralight pod harness by Apco.

New Kitto harness by Apco for the ultralight segment, conceived for H&F and cross country flights with a very competitive price.

Testing Wintech´s Rubi 3 tandem paraglider.

Unboxing and product-test video-report made by Daniel Crespo for Ojovolador of the Rubi 3, the tandem paraglider of Windtech.

Daniel Crespo´s first impressions on board Gin´s Boomerang 12.

These are Daniel Crespo´s first impressions with Gin´s latest CCC launch, the first commercial paraglider to incorporate the undulated leading edge, patented by the Korean brand as ¨Wave Leading Edge¨.

Size does matter: The new harness trends

A World Cup Super Final isn't only the perfect setting where to watch the best pilots in the world competing against each other to win, but it is also where to check out the latest and newest competition products...

Everything about the Wave Leading Edge of the Boomerang 12, explained by Gin Seok.

A conversation about the Wave Leading Edge, an interesting Paraglider novelty design, with its promoter Gin Seok

Genie X-Lite: Gin’s most aerodynamic cocoon harness to date

The new Genie X-Lite is Gin´s lightweight harness for XC and Hike & Fly expeditions. It is the brand´s lightest and most compact version of the Genie Lite 3 and it retains, as much as possible, all its characteristics with a reduced weight.