Testing Wintech´s Rubi 3 tandem paraglider.

Unboxing and product-test video-report made by Daniel Crespo for Ojovolador of the Rubi 3, the tandem paraglider of Windtech.


Here´s a video to enjoy a tandem test flight of the Rubi 3 with Daniel who shares with us his first impressions of the product with the passenger on board. ¨It has a good ground handling feeling¨, starts Danial on land. Once airborne with the passenger, he continues, ¨I really like the command it has, it is a bit buffered, a bit elastic but it´s soft, comfortable, perfect for work. When it comes to thermalling, it requires very little effort, the wing feels very stable, it´s quite noble, comfortable to handle. I really like the trim system, it´s very practical, very operative, well thought, simple and practical and it is one of the best trim systems I´ve ever seen. It comes with these bands here, with the different positions and they run perfectly well. Both to hold or release them…The commands are soft, buffered and they absorb turbulences well. They put up with a lot of brake, in the final approximation glide I used a lot of brake and everything came out perfect, very stable with a good rounding during the landing and an interesting level of features. It is good!¨, concludes Daniel. ¨I flew the Rubi 1, it was the Spanish champion and this one, of course, is better. It has a good performance for an EN B and it is good for thermalling… We´ve enjoyed it a lot!¨.

The new optimized Rubi 3 by Windtech is far lighter than its predecessors. This tandem paraglider with 5.40 points of aspect ratio is available in two sizes, 39 and 41 with an EN B certification. It is built with D20 and D30 fabrics, proven to be durable and lightweight. The extrados has been designed in 3D and counts with crossed nylon ribs and shark nose. The Rubi 3 is manufactured in two factory colors, red and blue.

Included: manual, inner bag, compression strap, repair kit, Flyman by Windtech t-shirt, stickers and merchandising.

+info: https://windtech.es/es/products/ru-bi-3/index.html

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