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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Paraglider 777 K-light: less weight, same performance.

The Slovenian manufacturer 777 introduces the lightweight sister of its EN-B wing, the Knight, promising the same characteristics, with a much lighter and more compact packaging. It features the new Triple Seven Lightweight Risers.

Gin launches its new XC harness, Genie Lite 3

Introduced in advance at the product fair of St. Hilaire 2019, Gin´s new paragliding harness is finally available in the market.

Mac Para launched new tandem glider Pasha 6

The new Pasha 6 has aspect ratio of 5.25 and 58 cells, and offers glide ratio of 9.7 for a range of speeds of around 24 to 47 km/h.The design process kept some of the best features of its...

Mac Para presents hike&fly glider Outback

The lightest and most compact paraglider in the Mac Para range, the new Outback is EN B certified and despite its small size and high wing load it is well balanced and offers “excellent” glide performance, according to the...

Ventus: First harness fully designed by Nova, launched at Coupe Icare

A few firsts had the Austrian manufacturer at the last Coupe Icare. Sisi Eisl was in charge for the first time, following her appointment as new Managing Director of the company in August -the first woman in front of...

Coupe Icare News: U-Turn’s latest wings, harnesses and paramotor

Daniel Crespo visited U-Turn at the Market fair of Saint Hilaire and found multiple novelties of the German brand. In this exclusive video report for Ojovolador, Daniel shows us the five novelties presented at the last Coupe Icare by the firm.

Soar, the new superlight EN B+ paraglider by AirDesign

The new light cross-country glider from AirDesign Soar that starts with a weight of only 2.83kg for size XXS is currently available in 5 EN B certified sizes. The Soar is the super compact light version of the Rise 4 and was developed for Hike and Fly, bivy projects and travelers.
Cylindron from Comelli

Coupe Icare news: Comelli rescue deployment systems

With its creator Giordano Comelli, we show you the new designs of the compressed air emergency parachute systems of Comelli SRL that were presented in the last edition of the Coupe Icare.

Michael Regnier takes over ITV Paragliders

As announced by the end of 2016, the new owner of ITV just introduced the new team that will manage the French paraglider manufacturer company, the oldest in the market after 36 years of history. Regnier has been working...
Paraglider Sol Prymus 5

SOL Paragliders presents new paraglider Prymus 5 and harness AMX 2

The Brazilian manufacturer launched its beginner wing Prymus 5 and the new harness AMX 2