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Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Lhotse 2

UP introduced light EN B glider Lhotse 2 and Vesuv gloves

Based on the Kibo 2, the new addition to UP’s range offers a reduced weight of only 2.7 kg, and performance abilities for long XC flights making it a “perfect” companion for vol-bivouac adventures.
Dena EN A+ & Lhotse mid EN B Portrait

Dena, the new A+ paraglider by UP

With a flat aspect ratio of 5.2, UP's new A+ wing is aimed at talented beginners immediately after completing school or for experienced, safety-conscious pilots looking for top performance. UP also announced an upgrade "2020 edition" for their models Summit XC4, Trango X-Race, Meru and Guru.

Paraglider 777 K-light: less weight, same performance.

The Slovenian manufacturer 777 introduces the lightweight sister of its EN-B wing, the Knight, promising the same characteristics, with a much lighter and more compact packaging. It features the new Triple Seven Lightweight Risers.

New Advance Bibeta 6, a dream tandem wing

We just received the Advance Bibeta 6 and, so far, we have done a couple of flights with it, a first contact that left us open-mouthed. Regarding details and finishes we can say that, today, Advance seems to be...

Base 2, BGD´s new EN B+.

With structural improvements based on new flow technologies that enable simulations of higher and higher precision, the Base 2 is the latest and most preforming EN/LTF B proposal by BGD, a 100% cross country paraglider, explains Bruce.

New Tandem Reserve from Companion, SQR 220

With a total weight of only 2.37 kg, the new square-round emergency parachute SQR 220 supports up to 220 kg, offering fast deployment and high pendulum stability thanks to the combined technology of square and round parachutes.https://youtu.be/SYxCuoxBtcgThe SQR 220...

Swing launches paragliders Helios RS & Twin RS2

At Swing's stand of the Coupe Icare, Daniel Crespo talks with the rep about the news of the German maker for this season. The firm presented two new paragliders at St Hilaire, Helios RS and the new tandem Twin RS2.

Gin news: Update of Explorer paraglider, and new accessories

The Korean firm presents a modification in its light EN-C XC wing, and they show us practical gear to make communication and transport easier.

Run&Fly: Dudek released first paraglider under 1kg of weight!

The Run&Fly is the result of a hard development work carried out by test pilot JB Chandelier, team Dudek and the sailcloth manufacturer Porcher Sport, aiming at a wing with a total weight below 1 kg that offered speed...

New Tandem paraglider Gin Fuse 3.

Gin presents the continuation of their most successful tandem paraglider to date. The Fuse 3 retains and improves slightly all the characteristics that made the Fuse 2 so well liked, they explain.