Announced as impeccably safe, BGD presents the Epic 2 as a suitable after school glider, and the ideal wing for pilots to progress and gain confidence with a safe and easy-to-predict paraglider that provides a clear feedback. Designed for local flights, cross-country explorations and initial freestyle, it is also recommended for extensive ground-handling sessions. It is also being certified for paramotoring.

“The Epic 2 is a fun and safe to fly glider where a small mistake will generate a small warning, and a larger mistake will generate a larger warning. This way the paraglider really teaches the pilot how to fly and does not give you any surprises”, explains the brand’s designer and developer Tom Lolies.  

Regarding the canopy structure, the Epic 2 has 45 cells and 5.2 points of aspect ratio. In sum, it is slightly higher than the original Epic and slightly faster than its predecessor, +1km/h at trim, +3km/h top speed, they point out. Yet with the same weight as its predecessor. It is a strong construction, made with proven fabrics and lines to offer durability with a final weight of 4.9 kg for size M.   

An interesting feature that was incorporated into the Epic 2 is the same B/C speed risers of their higher EN B glider, the Base. With these B/C speed risers, both experienced and new pilots are provided with an extra possibility to steer or slow down the glider, for more consistent handling while stepping on the speed bar without having to use the brakes, like in higher-class gliders. The model keeps the long brake travel of the original concept to prevent accidental stalls. “This is also BGD’s first paraglider with a single plastic shark nose, which makes the paraglider simpler and lighter to handle… a wing that won’t give you any surprises”, concludes Bruce Goldsmith.

The Epic 2 comes in three colors, Ocean, Dune, and Forest.

And is currently available in five sizes, XS/55-75kg/21, S/65-85kg/23, M/75-95kg/25, ML/85-110kg/27, L/100-125kg/29.

The pack includes Epic 2, BGD Giveaway, Rucksack, Repair kit, Stuff sack, Riser bag, manuals, and BGD stickers.

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