Video: Spanish Accuracy Championship, Pegalajar 2021

In the video, along with brief interviews of the competitors, we relive together with our pilot, Daniel Crespo, task after task, his deserved victory at the Spanish Precision Championship, Pegalajar 2021. *


*This video is in Spanish, but you can activate the subtitles on the video and choose “translate” into your language on the settings (automatic translation).

From the Pegalajar take-off in Jaen (Andalusia), as well as from the target landing, Daniel Crespo from Ojovolador, in his multiple role as Competitor, Cameraman and Reporter, shows us in this video, step by step, the complete development of the Spanish Accuracy Championship FAI II, Pegalajar 2021. This is the video report of the National precision tournament that ended with six valid tasks, carried out December 10, 11 and 12, where Daniel himself was crowned Spanish Champion of the modality on board his Magic by BGD. Second and third places respectively, were Víctor Rodríguez Santa María and Ramón Morillas Salmerón.

You can visualize all the updated results of the official Spanish competitions here:

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