Video: Paragliding, capitalizing the bad decisions in competition

Our pilot, Daniel Crespo, shares his thoughts on how to deal with the frustration caused by bad decisions and continue in race mode. The story is visual, both in flight and on the ground. Registered with the goal of winning the Serial category, Daniel finds himself on the floor in Task 1, a few meters away from the goal. Nevertheless, a good attitude toward learning from his mistakes finally take him to the highest position in the podium in his category. This is the video of that first failed task. *


His thoughts regarding the video: “In Task 1 of the Spanish Championship Ager 2021, I committed two unforgivable errors. Errors that I could have prevented and avoided, and that’s why I’ve decided to share this content, since I’ve always argued that you learn more from mistakes than from success. Normally, we share the “winner” videos but this was a very important flight because it was the 1st Task of the Spanish Championship and a good result was decisive to achieving my goal of winning the Serial Class. And yes, it was depressing, but nevertheless, I felt compelled to rethink things, recognize the negative and value the positive, and make better decisions for the next flights. In the end, Ager 2021 had a happy ending for me. I reached my goal and I think my chip changed after this huge slip-up. To make a long story short, I think in the end, if I won, it was all thanks to the mistakes of the first day that forced me to rethink my arrangements and my level of concentration. The discard option also helped, so finally, of the 4 valid Tasks flown, I was able to get rid of the worst result”. Daniel Crespo.

*This video is in Spanish, but you can activate the subtitles on the video and choose “translate” into your language on the settings (automatic translation).

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