This lightweight version of the Mentor 6 can be packed significantly smaller, describes the manufacturer in the presentation of their latest wing. Nova’s new development weighs 4.2 kg for size S, significantly less than the 5.05 kg of their standard version in the same size. The Mentor 6 Light is also described by the Austrian brand as a robust paraglider, suitable for everyday flying as well.

The aspect ratio of the Mentor 6 Light was transferred from the ttandard version of the wing (5.43 points) to ensure the paraglider’s classic performance in the EN B certification.

Nova Mentor 6 Light

Nova describes three main differences in terms of behaviour between the Mentor 6 Light and the standard version:

– Like all lightweight wings, the collapse and recovery characteristics are a little less dynamic.

– Due to its reduced mass, the wing is easier to inflate and take off.

 – Experienced pilots will sense slightly more feedback from the wing

The Mentor 6 Light has all lines sheathed, apart from the gallery lines. It comes with slimmer and redesigned, easy to handle risers. The technologies used in the construction of the wing include: Zig Zag 3-D shaping, Mini Rib Vector Tape, Double-B splits and a further development of the Speedbrake Riser for this Light version to make the wing more stable in accelerated flight and to facilitate its ground handling for take-off.

Nova Mentor 6 Light risers

Nova also describe their latest light wing as built to last, and offers a manufacturer’s guarantee of three years extendable to four, if a NOVA Trim Tuning (NTT) is performed.

The Mentor 6 Light will be available for test flights as of June 2019. The wing comes in 3 colors: Lime, Red and Blue, and in 4 certified EN B sizes: XXS, XS, S and M for the following respective weights 60–80 / 70–90 / 80–100 / 90–110 kg.


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