2020 Nova Pilots of the Year

Without being able to hold the traditional team meeting due to the Corona lockdown, Nova still managed to crown its ¨Pilots of the Year¨ this October for their achievements and commitment to the team in 2020. The winners are: Todor Boyadzhiev-Bulgaria-, Lukasz Sieminski-Poland, Antti Haltiamieli-Finland and the duo Rolf von Arx and Frank Schaufuss- Switzerland.


Lukasz Sieminski – the Polish pilot who has been successfully adding XC-miles for several years finished 3rd worldwide in the standard class of the XContest with his Mentor (http://www.xcontest.org/world/de/ranking-pg-standard/) and added great performances in diverse locations like the Rift Valley in Kenya, XC alpine flights at Grente (Italy), flatland flights in Poland and a flat triangle from Sorica (Slovenia).

Antti Haltiamieli – Antti has demonstrated the full range of XC possibilities in Finland´s corona shortened summer with EN/LTF B wings Phantom & Mentor 6 Light. The instructor was also Finnish Champion (http://flyingfinns.net) in the sports and standard categories; with 6th place overall. After the end of the lockdown, he also made five flights exceeding 100 km. http://www.xcontest.org/world/de/piloten/detail:Elessar

Todor Boyadzhiev (www.xcontest.org/world/en/pilots/detail:todorbb) from Bulgaria is Nova´s ¨Newcomer of the Year¨ and not because of his age but because he only joined the team last year.  With his Mentor 4 and Mentor 6, he became national champion in Bulgaria in the standard class http://www.xcontest.org/bulgaria/ranking-pg-standard/ as well as second in the sports class (http://www.xcontest.org/bulgaria/ranking-pg-sport/ – behind Ivan Mateev with his Sector.

Frank Schaufuss and Rolf von Arx – the two Swiss pilots were jointly awarded for their outstanding photographs printed in various paragliding magazines worldwide.  With Frank behind the camera and Rolf in front it, the duo´s odd schedules included hike & fly trips which could start as early as 3am, taking off, flying and shooting in the most beautiful light at sunrise.

Here´s a gallery of pictures from Frank and Rolf

+info: http://www.nova.eu/en/news-stories/