The protagonists of the Advanced Stories take us with them to unexplored routes in remote landscapes of outstanding beauty with the purpose of inspiring us to imagine new challenges.

Though the official languages of the Advance homepage are German and English, the search bar offers the automatic translation of the written contents to almost every other language in the world, and thanks to that useful tool, along with the high quality pictures and in some cases videos that illustrate the stories, it is easy for people who speak a different language to comfortably access all the materials.

Some alone, other in couples or groups, these adventure seeking Advance pilots, imagine and share with us, in all their glory, the infinite adventure possibilities of free flight.

Here is a video of the Advance pilot, Patrik von Kanel that is part of the story of his adventure named “Bike to Fly”, one of the more than 40 Advanced Adventures you can find in the renewed “Stories” section of the Advance website.

Patrick von Kanel. “Bike to Fly”.

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