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Monday, October 2, 2023

Lauri Kadakas: My record-breaking flight of 1133 km on paramotor

Estonia's Lauri Kadakas covered 1132,7km on a straight line on March 9th in Australia, beating the long standing Paramotor World Record of Distance of 1105 km set by Ramon Morillas in 2009. Here, he tells the details behind that long flight, now under review by the FAI to be certified as official world record.

Polini presents the new HF system for Thor 190 & 200 engines

The “High Flow” system is an update for these two classic engines that achieves a more efficient and reliable performance, according to the brand. For Polini engines.
Emilia Plak

The Thermal 4: Emilia Plak, Paramotor champion and adventurer

In this episode of our live talk-show "The Thermal" -born in times of confinement- we talked to Ozone Paramotors General Manager, Emilia Plak. Emilia has a very impressive accolade with multiple European and World Championship titles to her name...

Vittorazi paramotors come with a free Handy Box until August 31st!

https://youtu.be/IvfRN4UN8do One of the main manufacturers of engines specifically designed for paramotor, Vittorazi offers a range of 4 engines that go from the compact Atom 80 to the new, strong Cosmos 300. The Moster 185 is one of the most...
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