Luna 2, Warp and Piper: We tried the new paramotor gliders at Las Candelas

The three most interesting new products introduced at Las Candelas 2019 are reflex gliders designed for paramotoring and aimed at intermediate to competition pilots

We tried several interesting new products during the last edition of Las Candelas

Although we could not try these new machines in depth, a good stroll around the Jose Toran reservoir with each of them during the last PPG meeting of Las Candelas allowed us to appreciate some of the qualities of these three models presented by BGD, Dudek and ITV, respectively. Also on those flights we could get to know the light and powerful Air Conception paramotors,which offer a great weight-power ratio and other good qualities for flying.

BGD Luna 2

In the video above you can see both the paragliders and paramotors in action.
First of all we tried the Luna 2 of BGD, size 23. It is a reflex glider, with elliptical canopy, and it incorporates shark’s nose, the house’s “cord cut billow” on the leading edge, 20mm risers with trimmers and speed system, plus mini-controls to the wingtips to steer the wing when the reflex is open. We were impressed by the speed of the this Luna 2 and its “super direct” handling, with smooth control and very good turning behaviour. Our pilot Daniel Crespo liked it very much: “It is very fun and enjoyable. The Luna 2 is a glider with an important sporting note. If you want to fly in a radical sporting way then you need a small size, and if you want something more versatile then go for a bigger size; there is up to 26 “.

Las Candelas 2019

Then we tried the Warp, Dudek proposal that-according to them- integrates the best of the Snake XX and the Hadron XX to satisfy top-level pilots, in a 100% sporty glider aimed to both traditional and slalom competition. For that, they claim that it combines improved performance in speed, with economy and agility. The Warp comes with new risers featuring the improved PA or “power attack” system of the house, which combines the speed system with the trimmer in a permanent way, so that when you push the speed bar the trimmer is also released – so no need to activate it by hand. This system has 2 operating modes: you can set it to use the trimmer manually or connect it so that the trimmer activates when you step on the bar, then you have all the control over the angle of attack of the glider with the speed bar, which is very interesting for pilots who do slalom or sport piloting. According to Daniel, “with this Warp I felt very comfortable from the beginning; it is a very fun, sporty, and dynamic wing. I flew size 22 and I felt comfortable with it, although they suggested me to fly the 18… !”

Piper ITV

Finally regarding new wings specifically designed for motorized flight, we were able to test fly ITV’s sport glider, the Piper. “It is a new generation of multipurpose sport reflex glider. I think it is a wing also designed for slalom, the turn is very direct; it has small control handles that go to the wingtip and the Piper glides and turns very well. It is very solid all along the wingspan and offers good performance for my weight with size 22.5, and a lot of speed”, explains Daniel. We look forward to testing the Piper more thoroughly to tell you all the details about it soon.

Air Conception Tornado 280

Daniel tested these gliders with two paramotor models of Air conception: The Tornado 280 and the Nitro 200. The Tornado 280 (of 268cc) has a power of 33 HP at 7500 rpm, and electric starter. Despite its high thrust, it is a light paramotor with a weight of under 22 kg empty. “I really liked how well balanced the frame is, and the power it had, although the propeller was not very big. In this unit [in particular] the carburetion was not so fine, therefore I found that the power delivery was too explosive”, Daniel explained.
The Nitro 200 is a 190cc engine with a power of 28 HP. “With this engine I felt very comfortable, it has a very progressive power delivery, short throttle travel -this makes it necessary to be precise with it- but then in flight it is very easy and comfortable, and the torque is well balanced. It Is as satisfying to fly with it as it is to look at it; it’s one of the most beautiful engines that I have seen lately”, in Daniel’s opinion. The Air conception Paramotors are represented in Spain by Armand Rubiella.

Air Conception


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