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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Avid, the new Sport XC paraglider by Gin

The Avid is Gin's best-performing wing in the EN B category, aimed at XC pilots who want to stay on the safe side

Video: Paragliding, capitalizing the bad decisions in competition

Daniel Crespo, shares his thoughts on how to deal with the frustration caused by bad decisions and continue in race mode. The story is visual, both in flight and on the ground. Registered with the goal of winning the Serial category, Daniel finds himself on the floor in Task 1, a few meters away from the goal. Nevertheless, a good attitude toward learning from his mistakes finally take him to the highest position in the podium in his category. This is the video of that first failed task.

Epic 2: BGD’s new low EN/B paraglider

BGD´s latest progression development, the Epic 2, was designed to be a fun, reassuring and safe wing for low-air time pilots transitioning into the LTF/EN B certification, explains the brand.

Video: Spanish Accuracy Championship, Pegalajar 2021

In this video you can see brief interviews of some of the competitors and follow the Spanish Precision Championship, Pegalajar 2021 from inside.

Video: Training accuracy with the Magic by BGD

We test-tried BGD's high-end EN A paraglider Magic, both as an entry-level wing as well as for its alternative use as specific for accuracy comp. We did a couple of test flights with it in Tenerife, Spain and then went to compete to the Spanish Precision Championship at Alforja, where we completed our impressions of the Magic for this modality in this video report.

New ultra-light tandem UFO-Bi by Airdesign

The new UFO-Bi made by the Austrian manufacturer Airdesign weighs less than 3 kg and was specifically conceived for shared Hike & Fly adventures. Certified EN B, it is aimed at tandem, advanced and professional pilots fond of climbing expeditions.

New helmet by Nova

Bicolour is the name of the latest light-weight helmet design by Nova, certified for paraglider, paramotor and hang glider pilots. The Austrian firm also informs the change of its General Management.

Advance presents a new view format for their Advanced Adventures

The Advanced Stories section of the Advance website presents a new view format for the more than 40 flight adventures you can find there.
Fia El Yelmo

FIA El Yelmo is back: the 21st edition will take place from Jun 11...

The renowned International Air festival El Yelmo is back to Sierra de Segura (Jaén, Spain) after its cancellation due to the pandemic in 2020. This time, it will be a different type of edition, focused on the pilots and without activities open to the public, yet keeping shows, sport races, paramotoring and paragliding concentrations and Air Films, besides hosting the Paragliding Spanish Open.

New Tandem paraglider Gin Fuse 3

Gin presents the continuation of their most successful tandem paraglider to date. The Fuse 3 retains and improves slightly all the characteristics that made the Fuse 2 so well liked, they explain.