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Monday, May 29, 2023

Base 2, BGD´s new EN B+.

With structural improvements based on new flow technologies that enable simulations of higher and higher precision, the Base 2 is the latest and most preforming EN/LTF B proposal by BGD, a 100% cross country paraglider, explains Bruce.

Gin news: New Yeti 5, Yeti Tandem 3 size 37, and Genie Lite 3...

Gin presents an array of new products. The Yeti 5, a complete redesign of the earlier light version of the same wing. A new 37 size of their celebrated ultra-lightweight Yeti Tandem 3. And 2 new accessories for the Genie Lite 3 harness to comply with competition regulations.

Advance launches its new website and a mid-season jacket.

The new Advance website has updated its design and domain to improve the digital interaction of their page in all types of mobile devises. The firm explains they have simplified the access to its contents and added novelties like...

2020 Nova Pilots of the Year

Nova 2020 Pilots of the Year. Todor Boyadzhiev-Bulgaria-, Lukasz Sieminski-Poland, Antti Haltiamieli-Finland and the duo Rolf von Arx and Frank Schaufuss- Switzerland.

Triple Swiss victory at the Dolomiti Superfly 2020

Patrick Von Känel with 3d 8h 2m time, champion of the Dolomiti Super Fly 2020. Second place shared by Chrigel Maurer and Sepp Inniger.
David Tejeiro jump

Infinity to wingsuit jump: David Tejeiro joins two sports in one maneuver!

On July 1st 2020, David ¨Malaguita¨ initiated a series of tumblings with his paraglider and once the infinity was stabilized he unlocked his quick release links to catapult himself at around 200 km/h, to then open the wings of his wingsuit and fly in descent, to finally deploy his parachute and land safe and sound.

James “Kiwi” Johnston: Search concluded

One day after finding his paraglider in a remote area of Nevada (United States) and almost a month after disappearing during an XC flight, the lifeless body of the pilot from New Zealand was found. Widely known in the free flight world and a beloved member of the flying community, ¨Kiwi¨ was regularly taking part of PWC competitions and was a collaborator in specialized magazines.

New Ion 6 Light, Nova’s versatile XC glider

Ion 6 Light. The new lightweight EN B development is already available for test flights at all Nova Dealers.

Safety note: Woody Valley GTO Light 2 harness

Safety Note from Woody Valley 2020 for its GTO Light 2 harness dated August 25th 2020. Status: Critical. Requirement: Mandatory before flying. Serial number: On all.

New Pi3 lightweight paraglider by Advance.

The third Pi generation, the most versatile design of the Swiss firm, incorporates two new sizes, 21 and 25, to its range of certified weights, and is even lighter and more compact than its predecessors, announces the brand. With the incorporation of the new sizes, the Pi3 now offers six options of different light gliders for weights ranging from 50 to 120 kg.