In accordance to the requirements, the new Pi3 can either be a wing for beginner or intermediate pilots, or a mini wing for the most extreme climb & fly adventure, depending on the size chosen and wing load used, explains the manufacturer. The Pi 3 offers a wide range of performance for different pilot skills and requirements with a final weight of 1,85 kg for size 16; 2.15 kg for 19; 2.55 kg for 21; 2.75 kg for 23; 2.95 kg for 25 and 3.15 kg for 27.

With an aspect ratio of 4.5 points and 38 cells, the smallest Pi3, size 16, is certified EN C; size 19, EN B and the remaining ones (21, 23, 25 and 27) count with a double certification: EN A when used with the recommended take-off weight and EN B, in case of choosing a higher wing load per square meter.

Versatility of the Pi3.

The renewed Pi3 is a fully versatile paraglider in terms of construction as well. Advance has used different materials for the same proposal. Sizes 16 and 19, the most optimized sizes in terms of weight and volume for expert pilots, have the leading edge built with Nitinol ribs and Dominico 10D ultra-light fabric. From size 21 on, and to provide it with the robustness required by initial and recreational pilots, we´ve used the proved 27 gram Porcher Skytex fabric and nylon ribs, says the manufacturer. The light Pi3 comes with split A risers for big ears in sizes 21 through 27, while sizes 16 and 19 do not count with this function.

The Pi 3 comes in two colors: White and Fire

Pi3´s launch and distribution is expected for the end of September.


New X-Light Jacket

X-Light jacket

In time for the fall season of the northern hemisphere, the Swiss maker also presented its new ultrahigh X-Light jacket, warm and very compact, and with a final weight of only 215 grams for size M. It is made with an elastic softshell fabric on the outside and high-pile fleece lining inside. The seams are glued and the jacket is completely PFC-free (perfluorinated chemicals). The brand announces the X-Light as the perfect companion for h&f adventures. Sizes S to XXL are available in only one color: blue


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