With several light and ultra-light wings in their catalogue, like the celebrated EN A Doubleskin and the EN D mini-wing Bantam, Nova’s new Climb & Fly Team (CFT) was created to “promote and inspire” the growing demands of this new discipline, explains the manufacturer.

“The athletes we selected for the team are all close to the NOVA headquarters in Terfens, so they can easily climb and fly together”, says Nova. After applying for CFT membership, finally the team was established: Simon Heinrich (ITA), Manuel Ploner (ITA), Fabio Keck (AUT), Alexandra Lamprecht (ITA), Jessica Kratz (AUT), Carla Vivó Soler (GER), Christof Happ (AUT) and Jakob Braun (AUT). CFT managers are Paul Nagl, head of the firm’s Service Department, and Luis Depping, Harnesses Product Manager.

Nova’s new CFT gathered for the first time for three days early in July, informs the Tyrolese brand, near Leutasch (Austria). The location was chosen because it is right at the foot of the Schüsselkar, and it proved to be an ideal base for the team’s Climb & Fly initial ventures together.

Luis Depping says: “It was a very promising start. The atmosphere within the group was characterized by contentedness, friendliness and happiness. It is amazing to see how a shared love for mountains and sports can bring people together in the blink of an eye. The first Team meeting at the Schüsselkar created the perfect base for many more adventures to come. We’re all super-psyched!”

More info at http://www.nova.eu/cft

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