Video: Nova Mentor 6. Test flight and details.

Our pilot, Daniel Crespo, shows us all the details of the Mentor 6 and shares his impressions in flight of Nova´s latest EN B paraglider.


With the same projected aspect ratio of its predecessor -3.9 points – the Mentor 6 incorporates structural innovations throughout its command lines, which result in « a more direct feedback with good pressure feeling in the breaks…that´s also very stable at full speed. With a solid behavior, it also gains a good amount of speed when stepping on the bar pulley to pulley », reports Daniel from the air. We could describe it as a performing EN B paraglider with an improved touch that keeps true to Nova´s classic philosophy of accessible performance. In this test flight, we see our pilot surrounded by wings of higher categories demonstrating the excellent comparative yield in flight of the Austrian maker´s acclaimed intermediate model.

*Full review of the Mentor 6 coming soon here.

+Info Nova Mentor 6:

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