After 13 successful episodes of our live-streaming talk show on Facebook (“La Térmica”) and due to our follower’s requests, we started it in English as well under the name “The Thermal”. Our good friend and reporter Paolo Belleze (Paragliding Instructor) is hosting the show on those occasions, and we were thrilled to have acro ace Theo de Blic as our first English speaking guest in The Thermal!

Theo has been Acro world champion x 3, Acro Game champion x 3, he is one of few acro pilots driving the invention of new, radical maneuvers as well as developing acro gliders like Gradient’s Agility and the new NOVA Acro wing, currently work in progress. We talked about that but also about top-level acro competition, how to develop new tricks, what is needed to win, and his new position at Nova.

Watch the video with all the interesting info and tips that Theo shared with our followers in that conversation:

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