To achieve their objective of a mid EN-B oriented towards XC, the Gravis 2 has been given more cells, and they have modified the structure of those, adding also a shark nose shape to the leading edge. This way they ensure constant pressure in the whole wing, which according to Icaro gives it higher stability in all situations, even in turbulence.

Other strong points that Icaro highlights about this wing are its good behaviour in take-off and landing, and its manageability in accelerated flight, as well as the precision of the brake in the turns, ideal to center thermals. Icaro also remarks the passive safety of the Gravis 2 in relation to its performance, “unmatched in the field of mid EN-B gliders”

The German brand Icaro wanted to create the perfect combination between “safety, performance and dynamics”, and they say they have done it with the new Gravis 2, the updating of their mid EN-B wing, oriented towards xc and hike&fly.
The colourful upper surface of the Gravis 2.

The Gravis 2, with 5.4 flat aspect ratio, has been designed thinking about all those pilots who begin to fly cross country, or who enjoy thermals, as well as more experienced distance pilots who want to count on the passive safety this certification offers. Also, the light weight if this glider, only 4.2 kg in size M, makes it good for hike&fly lovers.

You can purchase the Gravis 2 in 4 sizes, for in-flight weights between 60 and 115 kg, all EN-B certified, and in these 2 colour combinations, with the brand’s logo on the upper surface.

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