With a flat aspect ratio of 5.92 and 53 cells, Airdesign introduces their latest supercompact lightweight EN B+ development, which they describe as 25% for beginners, 100% for advanced pilots, 75% for experts, 60% for competition, 100% for Hike & Fly and XC.

The Soar is altogether 800 grams lighter than the Rise 4: 3.75 against 4.25 kg for S size respectively.

The construction materials used include: Porcher Skytex 27 classic II cloth on top and bottom, ribs made in double-coated skytex27 hard, unsheathed lines in Aramid Edelrid 8000U, risers made with 3,7mm Dyneema rope from Edelrid named Taurus, Nitinol rods in the leading edge for extra lightness robustness, super-compact folding and optimized sail tension. The wing comes in 4 standard color patterns.

AirDesign is also opening a new office in Saint Hilaire, next to the famous Coupe Icare take off, dedicated to Sales France International.

+ Info: https://ad-gliders.com/project/soar-cloudhopper/?lang=en

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