XC El Yelmo 2015: Adrenaline & emotions


Ten days before a new edition of the International Air Festival of El Yelmo (FIA), it is a good time to remember some of the best and most exciting moments in flight during the Open paragliding competition and Spanish League of El Yelmo 2015, held from May 31 to June 6 last year, as part of the FIA events.

We enjoyed impressive conditions, with cloud base at 3,500 meters and thermals up to +7 m/s, in some days with lots of clouds including storms and others of blue thermals. Varied and very good overall, we hope it has been reflected in this video.

This year we will go back to El Yelmo in search of those epic late spring conditions, ready to squeeze kilometers at the free distance FIA Open, on June 1 to 4. This competition is about flying as far as you can every day, and we really love that concept. Besides, it ends on Saturday, just in time to join the evening party of the FIA and celebrate the miles covered… 🙂 See you there!

+Info: http://fiaelyelmo.com/index.php/competicion/liga-nacional-de-parapente

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