One of the distinguishing features of this competition are the areas where it takes place, very different between them, ranging from high mountain areas to flatter ones. The Liga Norte rounds take place in locations such as Arangoiti or Genevilla, in Navarre, Ribafrecha in La Rioja, or Barcina de los Montes, in Burgos. And the grand finale, the Belagua Meeting, in the Navarran Pyrenees, which this year celebrates its thirtieth edition.

The Liga Norte in Arangoiti (Navarre). Photo by José Félix Hormaetxe.

The Liga Norte is also characterized by a schedule system than may seem very open, but which provides great flexibility in terms of location choices, depending on the weather, making it possible to have a great degree of accuracy.

Great atmosphere at the take-off. Photo by Robert Jiménez.

And, as a final point to highlight, it is worth mentioning one of the organizers’ priorities: to please pilots as much as possible, programming very interesting rounds, which may be ambitious sometimes, but with the objective of having all sorts of pilots enjoying them. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the Sport class is one of the main categories in this regional competition

It was back in 1999 that Íñigo Redín, today still at the head of Alas de Leyre Club and co-organizer of the international hike&fly race X-Pyr, decided to create this competition, with the aim of providing pilots with a near competition, without having to travel long distances. Since then, the Liga has grown, until it has become a must for pilots from very different origins.

Every pilot who wants to sign up for the Liga Norte can do it following this link:

To check the dates and more info:

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