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We invite you to watch the full movie “AIRMAN”, dedicated to the multi-faceted pilot and Swiss acrobat Andy Hediger and his adventurous life. The film was directed by Fer Felicioni and awarded at FIA El Yelmo International Air films Festival 2016 (Spain) – where we saw the director and protagonist together, and heard Andy’s interesting comments about flying, attitude to life and safety in the air.

AirmanAbout the film: “AIRMAN is the story of André Hediger, a man of flight. Andy is one of the pillars of the Red Bull Acroteam; he was a pioneer in paragliding and even became world champion. His curiosity has never ceased to grow, he is a multidisciplinary test pilot and has designed and perfected different aircrafts that have made sport flying an activity within the reach of everyone with the wish to fly.

Andy enters his fifties with a past full of determination and tenacity; having suffered accidents and irreparable loss in the practice of the sport, he shows that the passion for flying is nothing but a powerful weapon to overcome and achieve your challenges.

Andy’s life serves as fuel to ignite, inspire and motivate in those moments of defeat that all we are exposed to.

“There are stories that must be told in life”… this is one of them.”

Winner “Best Film of Aerial Sports” FIA El Yelmo 2016 – Spain
Winner “Icare of the Public” St. Hilaire 2016 – France
Winner “Human Adventure” St. Hilaire 2016 – France
Winner “Best Film of the Festival” 19 ABP – Brazil

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