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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Paramotor over the Pyramids

Pavel Brezina from Nirvana Paramotors flying by the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.Pavel is the founder and boss of the respected Czech paramotor manufacturer Nirvana.*See more pictures of Nirvana Paramotor Slovakia's expedition to the Pyramids of Egypt here. //

Paragliding at sunset in La Muela (Spain)

La Muela (Alarilla) is one popular easy site for paragliding and hang gliding in the central area of Spain. It is a humble plateau with some 250m of elevation on the highest face.It is flyable with almost any wind...

Paramotoring over the Russian tundra following swans

The “Flight of the Swan” expedition, led by conservationist Sacha Dench, aims to study and raise awareness about the threats over the Bewick swans, by flying on paramotors their entire migration route next to them: some 7,000km from the...

Mac Para Pasha 6 in Tenerife

Flying Season in Tenerife! We are now based in one of the most attractive European zones to continue enjoying warm weather and great flights. The Canary Islands (Spain) offer perfect conditions and a wonderful environment to test-fly the latest news...

Reaching Los Galayos peak by paraglider

A great day to fly to Los Galayos on paraglider: a beautiful XC ride from Pedro Bernardo to one of the emblematic peaks of the Sierra de Gredos to bring you this unusual image.

A summer’s evening dream: Cloudbase at 3300m!

One of the best moments of the summer 2016, at 3300m on the way to a 205 km XC flight. Crossing the plains of Castilla La Mancha, from El Yelmo in Jaen (Andalusia) to Sinarcas in Valencia, Spain. Pilot: Daniel...

The Dragon lake in Badajoz

This beautiful image is of an excellent XC flying weekend in Extremadura, Spain, for the XC Open Zarzacapilla. That day we took off from Montanchez in the province of Badajoz (south-west of the country) for a triangle flying through...