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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Photo album: U-Turn Passenger 2

We did some test flights with the U-turn Passenger 2 paraglider, a very sporty and efficient tandem wing of the famed manufacturer specialised in acro and freestyle. After a thorough inspection on the ground, we took to the skies...

Bstoked: new platform for paragliding experiences worldwide

The new site www.paragliding.bstoked.net wants to become a meeting place for travelling paraglider pilots looking to experience flying with local experts around the globe and pilots willing to host them, “somewhere between Aribnb and TripAdvisor for sports experiences”, say...

New Tandem Reserve from Companion, SQR 220

With a total weight of only 2.37 kg, the new square-round emergency parachute SQR 220 supports up to 220 kg, offering fast deployment and high pendulum stability thanks to the combined technology of square and round parachutes. https://youtu.be/SYxCuoxBtcg The SQR 220...

New Niviuk BI SKIN 2 P, the lightest tandem wing in the world

With aspect ratio of 5.5 and certified EN B, the Bi Skin 2 P offers weight and volume reduced to the maximum thanks to a combination of materials that include Porcher 32g tissue for the top surface (there is...

UP launched EN C paraglider Trango X-Race

The new performance Hike&Fly, XC- and Sports Class wing is based on UP’s popular Trango XC3, with a number of significant improvements, including a completely redesigned riser system with toggles for rear-riser pitch control. https://vimeo.com/196696547 At UP explain that the new...
cierres Finsterwalder

Update on CLICK-LOCK and T-LOCK buckles by Finsterwalder

After having informed 43 paraglider harness manufacturers about how to rework their grounded harnesses following the safety notice about Click-Lock and T-Lock buckles, Finsterwalder encourages affected pilots to contact their harness manufacturer to ask for instructions on rework of...

Naviter acquires Flytec variometers

Flytec, the oldest brand of instruments for paragliding and hang glider pilots, and Naviter, known for their innovative Oudie and SeeYou products for thermal pilots, bundle their strengths. Naviter adds Flytec variometers to its current range and guarantees their further development. In...

Skyway, new paragliding carabiner by Woody Valley

The Italian manufacturer of harnesses presented the Skyway carabiner that they will be using in their range. Designed in cooperation with Camp specifically for paragliding use, it is lighter and stronger than the one used formerly in Woody Valley...

Mac Para launched new tandem glider Pasha 6

The new Pasha 6 has aspect ratio of 5.25 and 58 cells, and offers glide ratio of 9.7 for a range of speeds of around 24 to 47 km/h. The design process kept some of the best features of its...

New tandem paraglider Advance Bibeta 6

The sixth generation of the tandem glider “for professionals” is now available, offering simple handling, “outstanding takeoff and landing qualities” and precise handling. The BiBeta 6 was developed in collaboration with tandem pilots from the Interlaken region (Switzerland), one...