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Cabecera Dolpo 2

Takeoff is fail-proof even for the heavy-handed rookies. The large cell openings with rods help shape the wing on the floor with the slightest breeze, then a good pull on the risers will be enough for the Dolpo 2 to climb up to the vertical with very little tendency to overshoot. With a little face wind the start run is very short, while in nil wind you have to do a committed run as the wing is quick and asks for more speed, especially if it is well loaded.

ITV Dolpo 2

In free-flight the Dolpo 2 offers pure confidence to the pilot. During inflation the wing rises up slowly as it gradually takes pressure. Regarding glide, around 8 points will let the newbies try even their first thermal and XC flights.

Borde de fuga Dolpo 2

Bomb-proof handling
The Dolpo 2 is suitable as an out-of-school glider; any student can fly it with enough confidence from the first minute. Handling is simple and can stand the inexperienced hands of the “clumsiest” trainees; nevertheless, it offers some maneuverability that increases with the wing load.
I flew the Dolpo 2 size L. Free-flying it (with total load of 118Kgs) I noticed that it climbs well and stays within the core, but the brake is hard and the turn, somewhat lazy. In footlaunched paramotor (total load: 140Kg) the Dolpo 2 gained responsiveness, but when I flew it at the top of the range with 166 kg was when I found it more lively and direct.

Dolpo 2

I actually enjoyed a lot flying this glider with the paratrike; it was unexpectedly fun doing turns and ground-skimming with it. We only realize that it is a beginners wing when we try to touch the wingtips on the floor, it is hard to bank the Dolpo2! For sure its natural tendency is to fly straight, a good thing for most novice pilots who can gain experience flying safely.
Brake travel is long and it gets harder as we want to do more dynamic flying, getting very physical. Frankly, it seems difficult to stall the glider or enter a negative spin by mistake...

Dolpo 2

The Dolpo 2 design is simple but boasts a careful construction, reduced line length, and an original logo that runs through both the top and the bottom surface giving it a "rebel" touch.

Ficha técnica ITV
Size L M S XS
Free flight
Cells 48 48 48 48
Flat Area 28 m2 26 m2 24 m2 22.00 m2
Span  12,10 m 11,65 m  11.20 m 10.75 m
Aspect ratio 5.20 5.20 5.20 5.20
Chord 2.88 m 2.77 m 2.66 m 2.55 m
Minimum in-flight weight 100.00 kg 85.00 kg 70.00 kg 55.00 kg
Maximum in-flight weight 125.00 kg 105.00 kg 90.00 kg 75.00 kg
Extended PPG 166.00 kg 140.00 kg 120.00 kg 100.00 kg
Optimal flying weight 115.00 kg 95.00 kg 80.00 kg 65.00 kg
Minimum sink rate 1.10 m/s 1.10 m/s 1.10 m/s 1.10 m/s
Trim speed 40.00 km/h 40.00 km/h 40.00 km/h 40.00 km/h
maximum speed 50.00 km/h 50.00 km/h 50.00 km/h 50.00 km/h
Upper surface cloth Skysilk  30D 38.00 g/m2 Skysilk  30D 38.00 g/m2 Skysilk  30D 38.00 g/m2 Skysilk  30D 38.00 g/m2
Lower surface cloth  Skysilk 20D 35.00 g/m2 Skysilk 20D 35.00 g/m2 Skysilk 20D 35.00 g/m2 Skysilk 20D 35.00 g/m2
Upper lines Aramide 1,3mm 130daN Aramide 1,3mm 130daN Aramide 1,3mm 130daN Aramide 1,3mm 130daN
Lower lines Aramide 1,8mm 192daN Aramide 1,8mm 192daN Aramide 1,8mm 192daN Aramide 1,8mm 192daN
Certification EN A


Ref. Price 2850.00€ 2850.00€ 2850.00€ 2850.00€


Test by Daniel Crespo,
Daniel is a long time paraglider & paramotor pilot and competitor;
PPG World Champion 2007 (Paratrike) - Bronze Medal PPG Worlds 2012 (Paratrike).

Check out his blog (Spanish):

The long-standing French manufacturer has recently released the second edition of the Dolpo, a real entry-level paraglider good both for free flight and paramotoring, with benign features for novices: easy takeoff, stable handling, and high solidity in flight, as we could verify in our test flights. All of this with an interesting performance in its category; for example, thanks to the trimmers the Dolpo 2 has a good range of speeds and the sink rate is not bad either. The brake needs firm input, especially if you want to do closed turns, but -on the other hand- it is effective even for thermal flying, where it is surprisingly efficient.

ITV Dolpo 2

Feeling of un-collapsible
In the air the first thing we notice is the stability of the Dolpo 2 that offers total confidence from the first second, with a clear tendency to fly straight and level. It seems fast for a beginner’s wing, but what I found really interesting is that it has a good sink rate, perfect for long strolls with moderate consumption, and without having to crush the motor.

Bandas Dolpo 2

Performance is competitive in the EN A category and equal to some superior gliders. It has good sink rate for short takeoff runs and navigation with moderate consumption. Its cruising stability and a top speed of over 50 Km/h make the Dolpo much more than a first glider.

Dolpo 2

Dolpo 2

For whom?
Suitable as first free-flight and paramotor wing after school, the Dolpo 2 is an interesting option if you want to try the two types of flying. Well loaded in paratrike it is a good choice for most experienced pilots who want to navigate with a good range of speeds without sacrificing security.

The Dolpo 2 is a gentle and easy-to-fly glider; with “automatic” inflation, high stability in flight, a tame turn, and good for paramotor strolls.

The +: Efficient in free-flight and paramotoring
The -: Brakes somewhat hard.

Published: July 01, 2013

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