Video: Testing the new lightweight tandem glider Parus 2 by Icaro

Our pilot Daniel Crespo has tried this tandem wing in different flights, and here we have his first impressions.


The Parus 2, new lightweight tandem EN B by Icaro, features a very directbrake and slightly hard, but comfortable to use. Since it is a lightweight wing, the inflation can seem “loose”, although it is easily controllable and it inflates eagerly, and once flying you can feel a lot of pressure.

What we liked best of Parus 2 is its way of turning, with pressure and very direct, which allowed us to enjoy the test flights.

The trimmers of this tandem are short but very effective and very comfortable to use thanks to their handles, providing a very acceptable speed increase, from 41 to 47 km/h.

Its glide is very competitive, and the big ears system also works very well.

Summing up, The Parus 2 seems to be a very good option, specially for those pilots who like dynamic flights.

We will soon have the full review here.

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