There were six tasks flown of 7 possible, contradicting the awful weather in the forecasts the days before the event. 125 competitors from around the world gave life to the competition and Juri Vidic from Slovenia was the overall winner.

Loma Bola take-off.

According to the pilots Giuliano Minutella and Daniel Mas Molina, only in two tasks we were able to reach goal, «in general the conditions were poor and only in two tasks we had the good weather we need for this type of competition» Task 1, 56.9 km and Task 2, 82.3 km. In the remaining four tasks no one made it to goal, though in two «we were close» and in the other two, «it was a sort of mere survival in super mellow air».

Here’s the list of the last 15 winners who’ve earned their passes to the Super Final that will take place in Castelo, Brazil, at the end of March 2020:


  1. Juri Vidic SVN
  2. Xavier LAPORTE FRA
  4. Martin LONG GBR
  5. Philipp HAAG DEU
  6. Isidor FINK ITA
  7. Samuel AVENNE FRA
  9. Cody MITTANCK
  10. Biagio Alberto VITALE ITA
  11. Marko NOVAK SVN
  13. Zion SUSANNO CRI
  14. Balazs VERTES HUN
  15. Balazs RACZ HUN
General: 9 Cody Mittanck, 8 Ari Sahlstrom, 6 Isidor Fink, 4 Martin Long, 3 Pal Takats, 1 Jurij Vidic, 2 Xavier Laporte, 5 Philipp Haag, 7 Samuel Avenne, 10 Alberto Vitale – Photo by Ruth Jessop-

Female podium, from seven contestants, the winners are:

  1. Adel HONTI HUN Enzo 3 XTR,
  2. Marcella UCHOA BRA Enzo 3 Exoceat
  3. Shauin KAO ARG Zeno GR3
Feminine Podium. Patricia Letona, 5th. Shauin Kao, 3rd. Adel Honti, 1st. Marcella Uchoa (absent), 2nd. Rasa Grigoraitiene, 4th -Ph: Ruth Jessop-

Winners by Teams: 1 Gin Gliders – 2 Ozone – 3 Air’G Products.

Winners by Nation: 1º France – 2º Hungry – 3º Italy.

In the following link, the full list of competitors and their scores, task by task:

Start gaggle, task 6

With a variety of day and night offers and more than 20 years of free flight history, Loma Bola is located next to the city of Tucuman, which guarantees good services, room and board, along with an array of activities for the pilots on the ground, good cuisine and social life, day in and day out. So with a good mix of asados (bbq), tango and empanadas, the PWC round in Loma Bola achieved its goal delivering 15 direct passes to the Super Final.

Rescued. Courtesy of Gaucho Pony Express. (Ph by Ruth Jessop)

Also, a new PWC race was announced and confirmed in Argentina for 2020. Organized in this opportunity by the pilot Martin Romero Garayzabal at the Traslasierra valley in the province of Cordoba, and with the provisory date set for Dec 5-12, 2020. Martin tells us that «there must be a minimum of 14 days from race to race and since we are overlapping, I need a bit more time to fix the official date and location of the PWC 2020 in Argentina, but it will definitely take place somewhere in the valley of Traslasierra…in Nono, Mina, we’ll see».

The World Cup is scheduled to be back in Castelo, Brazil, for this year’s Super Final from March 24th to April 4th 2020. It already counts with 99 confirmed pilots and a long waiting list. The 2020 PWC season will have 5 races officially announced in different locations: France, Italy, Switzerland, South Korea, and Argentina.

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*Portrait ph: Marcella Uchoa / Facebook

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