Regarding the harness, here is the full notice:

“Some models of the Genie Lite 3 harness have been found to have issues with the rescue handle. This may cause difficulty to extract the rescue.

If the plastic rods of your rescue handle are thickened and do not easily pull through the fabric tunnel, please do not use this harness until the handle has been modified.

Identify the thickened, darker part at the end of the plastic rod. Using a sharp knife, carefully and progressively scrape away the darker parts until the diameter of the end of the rod is the same as the diameter of the rod overall. The overall length of the plastic rods should not change, but small changes of up to 5mm are allowed.

This procedure can be easily performed by the end-user with reference to these instructions. However please contact your GIN distributor if you are in any doubt about anything.

In addition, we remind all pilots and dealers of the importance of post-installation and pre-flight checks. These are detailed in the relevant product manuals which are available on the respective product pages.”

You can download the instructions in pdf here.

Genie Lite 3 rescue deck:
The Genie Lite 3 rescue deck is an optional add-on that enables the fitting of a second rescue to the Genie Lite 3 harness.

Rescue deck

Routine inspections have revealed a small number of these units have issues with the zipper. This may cause difficulty to extract the rescue.

All owners of this product should inspect their rescue deck prior to their next flight, following the instructions below.

First perform an opening test. If the rescue can be extracted without difficulty, the rescue deck is safe to fly with. If the rescue cannot be extracted without difficulty, or you are unsure, proceed to step 2.

Visually inspect the 2 zipper boxes. Both the boxes should be “U” shaped as shown. If there is some burring or the part is thickened, the part is defective. In this case, please contact your GIN dealer who will inform you how to proceed.

*Download the instructions in pdf here.


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