Safety Note from Woody Valley 2020 for their GTO Light 2 harnes, dated August 25th 2020.
Status: Critical.
Requirement: Mandatory before flying.
Serial number: On all.
Description of the problem: One of our dealers noticed that the seam on one of the two loops securing the V-line to the GTO LIGHT 2 was missing.

– Inspection: Open the zip behind the shoulder straps of the harness (picture 1 and 2), take out the two V-line loops and make sure that each has been sewn with white thread (similarly to picture 3). Please be extra careful as the loops may apparently look alright even if the seam is missing because its two layers are glued together.

If you see the white seam is there, then no further action is needed and you simply put the V-line back in its compartment and zip it up as explained in the user manual. Don’t worry if the seams on the two loops look a bit different: that is perfectly normal due to a possibly different strap texture or a slight movement of the strap when it was being sewn. The seam is made with an automatic machine that guarantees consistency in shape and in number of stitches.

photo 3

Required action: If the seam on one or both loops is missing, your GTO LIGHT 2 must not be flown. Contact your local Woody Valley dealer for a reparation under warranty.


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