This summer, we had the chance to test-fly this new full reflex paraglider for paramotoring from Ozone. The Ozone Speedster 2 is a wing for confirmed pilots and designed for navigating and traveling long distances with comfort and at full speed.

The trimmer is effective, when you release it the reflex profile is activated and the Ozone Speedster 2 cuts through the wind at high speeds to reach a top of 67 Km/h, keeping very good sink rate throughout the speed range (loading 150Kg on paratrike).

Turns are smooth, precise and stable – we can define it as a tranquil turn. The Speedster 2 is an advanced intermediate glider particularly suitable for straight flight.

In addition to the main brakes, it has secondary controls to steer the glider when flying at high speeds. They are comfortable and effective to use.

We flew with the light paratrike from Liberty2Fly with a paramotor powered by Polini Thor 250 engine.



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