NOVA has created a “practically new” design for this ION 6, which has 51 cells, 5.19 aspect ratio and 4.7 kg for size S, and shows some remarkable changes. In the first place, the line length is significantly shorter, making the distance between the pilot and the wing shorter, too. This, according to NOVA, results in more direct handling, as well as an advantage in the take-off: less space is needed to spread the wing, and it inflates more quickly.

New ION 6 by NOVA

Also, they have also reduced the curvature of the wing, which makes a flatter canopy, for better roll damping. The reduced curvature has also meant an increased projected aspect ratio, that has gone from 3.52 in the previous model to 3.84 in this new ION 6. Flat aspect ratio, however, has only increased slightly, with 5.19 now, against the 5.16 of its predecessor.

ION 6 has adjustable risers that make the accelerated flight more stable; a system that already appears in other more advanced wings by Nova, such as the MENTOR 6 or SECTOR. The risers and the sheathed main lines are colour coded, as recommended by the PMA, for easier sorting.

IOS 6 raisers, with the colour code suggested by the PMA

Like in all their new generation wings, NOVA has used 3D shaping, mini ribs in the trailing edge and Vector Tape for less crease when braking.

NOVA recommends ION 6 for all those pilots who want to progress in longer and more distant flights, with the passive safety that this EN B wing offers.

Sizes XS, S, and M are available from March, and XXS and L will be ready in May, all of them in four colours and EN B certified.


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