Advance Bibeta 6

We just received the Advance Bibeta 6 and, so far, we have done a couple of flights with it, a first contact that left us open-mouthed. Regarding details and finishes we can say that, today, Advance seems to be above any other manufacturer, at least of the tandem wings that we have test-flown at Ojovolador: it weighs 6.95 kg, has three very short and manageable risers of 32 cm (it is the first 3-line tandem wing we have flown), shark nose, unsheathed Magix Pro Aramid lines, jam cleat to keep big ears in, special tape for the trimmers, low-friction ceramic brake swivels, handles in different sizes…

The Bibeta 6 risers are brilliant, very short -only 32 cm-, with split As, jam cleats for big ears, special tape, unsheathed lines, custom size brake handles and magnetic clips.

Available in two sizes, 38 and 41 m2, we are testing size 41 that has a weight range of 120 to 225 kg, which is a massive 100 kg of margin! In our first two flights I loaded it to 170 and 165 Kg, a range in which the Bibeta 6 was fast and very agile.
Inflation: Very smooth and manageable.
Glide: Well, we’ll see, but it seems almost unbeatable.
Turn: Super direct and dynamic; in only one turn you can build powerful wingovers. To climb in thermals it asks for brakes. The touch of the brakes is of a high EN B, but more physical.

In short, and before we fly it more, the Bibeta 6 seems to be delightful, a luxurious tandem wing to make your passengers dream, and to make yourself excited and happy on every flight. ?

Advance Bibeta 6 over “The Fingers” after launching from Ifonche, in Tenerife.

Our full review is coming soon on Ojovolador, meanwhile you can see some of our pictures of the Bibeta 6 in action.


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