On September 20th, the Bulgarian pilot managed to break the World Record of infinity Tumbling with 613 turns! The previous record was set by Spanish acro ace Horacio Llorens nearly 10 years ago, with 568 tumblings above Nepal. At the time, Veso was there with Horacio and they shot a movie together about the feat. 

For this record, Veso climbed up to 6500m in a hot air balloon, above the flatlands of Northern Bulgaria. The pilot had to use oxygen to prevent hypoxia. After jumping off the balloon basket with an Ozone Session paraglider of 17m2, he started the Infinity tumblings and only had to stop when he realized he was drifting towards some power lines, after completing 613 rounds in 19 minutes and setting a new world record. Here’s the video of the stunt:

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